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About Susan Thomson

Susan has lived in Georgia for over 30 years and grew up in Des Moines, Iowa.  She attended the University of Iowa where she received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing.  20 years later she attended Kennesaw State University and earned her Masters in Nursing for Adult Nurse Practitioner.  She has been a RN for over 30 years and is still a nurse, but for the past 10 years has been a Nurse Practitioner.  Her experiences have been in the cardiac areas of hospitals, in physicians' office,as a research nurse at Emory University, a home health nurse for assessments, and a college health NP at three different colleges in the Atlanta area.

Susan is a loyal fan of college sports for the University of Iowa and enjoys the Braves baseball team.  She likes to travel with her spouse for his national and international tennis tournaments, and also travels to see her daughters that live in South Carolina and California.  She loves to watch cooking shows and enjoys trying new recipes, that are mostly healthy, in her own kitchen.

Susan will strive to provide friendly and comprehensive care to the patients of the practice and assist in the work of Dr. Watkins and Dr. Luster for the best outcomes for our patients. Prevention is the best way to avoid illness, so her prevention focus is in diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer awareness.

Susan's main goal as a nurse has always been to assist people to achieve good health and return to their best possible function after a health crisis.  She does believe that" laughter is the best medicine", but good care is just as valuable.